Friday, November 20, 2009

Smooth or bumpy?.......

I receive a couple of different daily devotionals in my e-mail. Yesterday, one of them had a very interesting illustration. Did you know that when golf balls were first invented, they were smooth? As the balls continued to evolve, they were made out of a material that had to be smoothed down before it was used. Well, some people didn't smooth their golf balls as well as they should have, leaving bumps on the surface. Much to the golfer's surprise, the ones that weren't smooth actually went much farther! That's the reason why modern golf balls are made with an even pattern of bumps on the surface!
The same can be said of us. The bumps or rough circumstances throughout our lives can actually help us! We don't like to admit it, but we NEED the storms of life! My husband like to use this quote in his sermons: "It's not the smooth seas that make the greatest captains". I'm sure no captain enjoys navigating through a terrible storm, but each realizes that they must in order to gain the experience necessary to be a better captain. It is so easy to get the wrong perspective about trials in our lives. We see them as a hindrance, annoyance, or thorn rather than an opportunity to learn, grow, and ultimately glorify God! I pray that the Lord will help me to see the "bumps" in my life today as a part of his plan to help me soar further for Him!!

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