Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Baking Queen....

I decided to crown myself "Queen of Baking" today! I tried a recipe for Peanut butter blossoms which I've never tried before. It was messy, but not too hard. I was able to make over 130 of these cute and yummy cookies for our MOPS cookie swap tomorrow, for our neighbors, and for a Christmas party on Saturday. It's amazing to me how simple it is to "love one another". Often we imagine that we will have to toil for hours to show Christ's love or be required to step completely out of our comfort zone to be the best Christian testimony to others. I received a lot of joy out of baking some delicious cookies, putting them in a cute bag, and leaving them on the front step of our neighbor. It wasn't very complicated!! =) We can find all sorts of things throughout our daily routine to use for a blessing to others. It may not be baking, but what about a phone call, a note, a kind word or smile, or something even more creative! Some people have unique, God-given talents that can be used to encourage others as well. You'd be surprised at the blessings you will receive in return for these simple acts of kindness. You may even have some leftover cookies to munch on when you're done!!

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Adam said...

They were a blessing for me to eat as well!!! :)