Friday, January 22, 2010

Date night!!

In case you were wondering, I happen to have the most wonderful husband in the world!! He is sweet, smart, funny, caring, etc..... I could go on and on! I am so excited that tonight is date night. We got some gift cards for Christmas and are going to use them for dinner and a movie. It is amazing to me how God creates another human being to be a perfect fit. I tend to be overly optimistic while Adam is more realistic. I love to talk, and Adam is a great listener! =) He is the balance I need to complete my life!! I thank God for the amazing man He gave me 41/2 years ago!!

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Hazel said...

Marriage is wonderful when the husband and wife are walking in the spirit as you two are.

The Carrs, said...

Marriage is such a gift. Chad is the best friend I have ever had. He completes me and I complete him. When God stays at the center of our relationship it truly is absolute bliss!