Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something in common with Michaelangelo........

My blessing for today came through a book I have been reading. It is called Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. It has been a huge encouragement to me because as you could guess the life of a stay-at-home mommy can become quite mundane at times. I read chapter 11 this morning in which the author is telling the story of Michaelangelo and his tedious work on the Sistine Chapel. At one point someone asked him why he was spending so much time in the corners of the ceiling because obviously nobody would ever see them! Michaelangelo's response was, "God will!" Wow! That hits home! Nobody will ever see the cobweb-free corner of the living room, the 3rd stinky diaper of the day, the clean dishes in the cupboard, or the sparkling mirror in the upstairs bathroom. But.......GOD WILL!!!! It doesn't matter if your occupation is a farmer, pastor, teacher, electrician, or artist, God takes joy in our work. I want to do my best for HIM! I hope this principle will help me do a super job at scrubbing the toilets today!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your's such an encouragement. =)
Love-Mary Beth