Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, we are all home safe again. We had quite an interesting last week or so. Like I wrote in my last post, Adam and pastor headed to CA for a conference there. At the same time I left to fly to Pensacola, FL to visit my best friend, Andrea. We were all supposed to fly back on Friday and arrive in Philly within an hour of one another. Then we would all be able to drive back home together. Things didn't quite work out that way! On Thursday, we started hearing about a winter storm warning for Pensacola!! I haven't seen in snow there since I was in Junior high!! All day, we worried about my flight that was to leave the next morning. When it snows in Florida, nobody is prepared! It could potentially shut down the whole city! However, Pensacola only saw a few flurries, and by Friday morning it looked like my flight would only be delayed a few minutes. We were about ready to leave for the airport when I got a call from Adam. Their flight from CA had been completely cancelled due to snow in Atlanta!!! They had been rescheduled to fly into Philly the next day, arriving about 10:40 at night! They would then still have to drive four hours back to Mansfield! Andrea and I headed to the airport to reschedule my flights. Thankfully, because of the weather they changed them for free. I would fly into Philly on Sunday night. Adam got home at about 4 in the morning, slept for a couple of hours, got up and preached in the morning service, taught Sunday School, ate a quick lunch with pastor and his wife, then drove the 4 hours back to Philly to pick me up! What a man! =) My flights the second time around went very smoothly (we even arrived a little early!). After reuniting as a family, we drove about thirty minutes to a hotel and got some much needed rest. We headed home Monday, and were very thankful to sleep in our own beds last night! I am so thankful for God's protection throughout the last few days. He kept us safe in snow, in traffic, and in the air! He helped me keep track of a busy toddler boy in the airports, and kept us from illness. My God takes care of me even when I don't ask or think about the need for safety. He definitely holds us in his hands!!

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