Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As I started to write my blog this morning (on a totally different topic), I kept getting interrupted. Timothy kept running into the room with his blocks, yelling "Stuck - Stuck!!!" He simply needed me (and all my muscles) to pull the connected Legos apart for him so he could run away and play with them for a couple minutes before he came running back again for help. Suddenly, a thought hit me, and I deleted the post I had already been writing. How often do I do the exact same thing to God? I run to Him, saying "Help - Help!!" and then run away to do my own thing. Timmy wasn't wanting me to come play with him or spend time with him and Elmo, he just needed my help for a minute. (Note: I do realize that at 22 month old boy doesn't fully understand the concept of fellowship with his mom at this point!) I often run to God with my "requests", but not with a open heart that desires fellowship with my Creator. I just need the little bumps in my life to be smoothed out so I can do the rest on my own.
The beginning of James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you..." He desires a daily, growing relationship with us. That includes taking time to simply enjoy our relationship with a loving heavenly Father!

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Melissa said...

I find myself doing that same exact thing. I am so thankful that God is so very patient with me!

JimmyPereira said...

LOL! I can almost imagine him saying, "stuck! stuck!" Very good post, Rachel! Yeah, definitely thankful for God's patience!