Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hey everyone!! Hope you're having a great Saturday!! I wanted to let you know, that I just love all of my readers. You all have a such great insights and encouraging comments. I love responding to those comments and developing those relationships with you!
I don't feel like the default Blogger comments system really allows for a lot of interaction. Most of you don't see if I respond to your comments because you have busy lives, and don't check back to see if I wrote back!! =)
I've decided to use a different commenting system called Disqus that will allow me to respond to each comment individually, and if you have a Disqus account, you will be e-mailed when I respond. I'm sorry that this will add an extra step for you as my readers (you'll have to enter your name/e-mail the first time), but I really hope that this will allow for more interaction with you!!
I do cherish your feedback, and appreciate your sticking with me during this little change. By the way, this is also my test post to see if the new system even works. Wouldn't that be embarrassing if it doesn't!! =)

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