Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Feedback....

I think I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE hearing from you each Friday as you answer the Feedback questions. Recently, I've been thinking that it might be fun to visit YOUR blogs to get the answer rather than just reading them in my comments section. Here's how I think I would work it:

~Each week I would ask a Friday Feedback Question (like normal) 
~You would have the option to answer in the comments (like normal) or write a post on your own blog answering that week's question. 
~ You would then be able to enter the link to that post under the question here at A Steady Rain, and we could visit your blog for the answer. 
~In case you like to schedule your posts in advance, I would try to include the next week's question at the bottom of the Friday Feedback post each week. 

I want to get your "feedback" first though, so if you could answer "yes" or "no" on the poll below that would be great!!! 

Feel free to leave any ideas, questions, or thoughts in the comments below!! Thanks so much for being such great blogger friends!! Can't wait to hear from you!! 

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