Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Feedback....

I love being a pastor's wife! It such a blessing to be able to minister with Adam, and serve both church family members and community individuals. I would definitely say that I have been involved in quite a few areas of ministry since we've been here in PA. I've planned a Ladies Spring Brunch, taught Children's Church and AWANA, painted and decorated the foyer, planned activities for our young adults class, and even helped lay tile!!
But there is definitely one area that I! Each week, 6-8 musicians get together to practice on Wednesday evening. We iron out all the details to make a smooth worship time on Sunday morning! I play the piano and sing each week, and I have so much fun doing it! It's such an honor to serve the Lord with an area that I also enjoy immensely!! 

Now I want to hear from you....

In what ways do YOU serve in your church?
What is your favorite way to serve in your church?

God made us all with unique talents and abilites.....I'm excited to hear how you use them to serve in your own local church! Remember to link-up below! 

Next week's question is for all my mommy readers....
Are you a part of a MOPS group or other moms group in your area? 
How do you connect with other moms in your community? 

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