Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Feedback....

A few weeks ago, I was experiencing one of those days where my mental checklist was full to capacity! I had both home and ministry jobs to complete, and I had planned out the day in my mind.....

The bulldozer that arrived to tear up the concrete next door was NOT in my plan!
However, I knew that my little guy LOVES anything with wheels and would be ecstatic to watch the huge machine in action.
At that point, my schedule and checklist for the day was put on hold....the Lord clearly laid on my heart that my precious time would be MUCH better spent with my sweet son, and I chose to listen to His prodding!
It turned into such a fun time, and I was so glad I made the choice to focus on him!

So I want to hear from you:

In what ways, are you purposeful in spending time with your child/children?

We have been given such a limited time with our children, and it is VITAL that we redeem that time! I look forward to hearing YOUR creative ideas! 

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 ***There will be NO Friday Feedback Post next week (10/8). I will be out of town for a couple of days, and would hate to miss your answers. The Friday Feedback Link-up will resume the next week (10/15) with this question:

What is your favorite way to encourage others OR what is your favorite way to be encouraged?

Have a great Friday!!

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