Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Feedback...

I want to know....

What is your favorite way to encourage others OR what is your favorite way to be encouraged?

I enjoy sending cards, notes, e-mails, and even e-cards to encourage others. While it's important to write these for specific things like "Thank you" and "Get Well", I also feel like it's very important to give a reminder that you appreciate them for who they are!! Everyone appreciates an encouraging word or virtual hug! 
I'm asking this question this week, because it's so important to be purposeful in our encouragement of our brothers and sisters! You never know what a kind word may do in a person's life!
I also hope to get some great ideas from you!! 

Quick Note: Please mention Friday Feedback in your post and link back to A Steady Rain. I have created a Friday Feedback button (located in the Fri. Feedback instructions at the top of the blog)  so you can easily link back to the post! 

**Next week will be another "off" week for our Friday Feedback question. I will be at the Relevant Conference, so I won't be around to read your answers! Sorry for being so "hit-and-miss" lately! The Friday Feedback link-up will pick back up on 10/29 with this question:
What answers to prayer have you seen lately? 
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