Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogging Flashback (Part 1)...

Next week is my 1 year blogiversary!! This is a big milestone in a goal I made for myself almost 12 months ago, so I have some special things planned for you next week! 
I was thinking, however, that many of you have probably never read some of the first posts I wrote back when I had NO clue how big this blogosphere is! =) Over the next few days, I'll be re-posting some of those early posts if for no other reason than to praise God for the great things He has done since last November!! 

First Post

This past summer, my husband took me to seeJulie & Julia, which is a movie about a woman named Julie who decides to cook every recipe in Julia Child's famous cookbook in 365 days. During that time, she keeps a blog to record her cooking adventures. Unfortunately, I am not the best cook in the world, and could never picture myself writing a cooking blog. The movie did get me thinking, though. What if I could write a daily blog too? Not about cooking Mousse au Chocolat (although it sounds super yummy!!!), but about the blessings and joys I receive out of every day.
I have tried blogging in the past, but struggled to keep it updated. I tend to be a very goal oriented person, so I have given myself the goal to try posting something everyday for the next year. Since I'm a mom to a busy 18 month old boy, I am giving myself permission ahead of time to miss a day or two here and there! But the overall challenge remains to find something in each day that reflects God's amazing abundance in my life. Those blessings could be something that I read in scripture, a funny story (there are many of those with my toddler around), encouragement from music or nature, something I'm learning, or something I simply thankful for. I'm sure it will be much harder on some days than others. However, I think it is so important to remember the "Steady Rain" of God's blessing in our life even during the difficult times. We serve an amazing God who does amazing things in our lives. My hope is that over the next year, I will be able to document many of those amazing things, and that you will be encouraged to see those things in your life every day as well!

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