Monday, November 8, 2010

Intimidated Giving....

Mark 12 tells the story of a poor widow who arrived at the temple with a heartfelt offering of 2 silver coins.  Jesus has great things to say about this generous woman who gave all she had!
I wonder what went through that woman's mind that day as she stood behind the Pharisees and other religious leaders as they gave grand offerings to God!
Was she intimidated by their proud gifts??
Did she hesitate before putting her coins in the box, thinking, "My gift is just not good enough!".
Did she try to secretly put her gift in the offering without anyone noticing?

I don't think so! I think this humble woman realized that although her gift was small, it was her heart attitude that mattered!
It is possible to give a small gift with a big heart!!

30-Day Giving Challenge

As a family in the ministry, we live on a pretty small budget! I have been amazed, however, in the last week at the small ways God has allowed me to give!

Here's a quick summary of my first week of the 30 Day Giving Challenge......

Monday ~ Gave a small donation to the Autism Spectrum Society (our neighbor just "happened" to ask for help)
Tuesday ~ Our small group signed a card and took a collection for a gas card to give to a family who's been struggling with some medical issues
Wednesday ~ Sent an e-card to a struggling friend
Thursday ~ Collected clothing and blankets to donate
Friday ~ Wrote a handwritten note to my grandma
Saturday ~ Spent some extra time in prayer for some of my friends with very specific needs at this time
Sunday ~ Brought some toys to donate to our church nursery

I have been amazed at how God is opening my eyes to so many areas I can give !! How was YOUR week? Are you participating in the challenge? If you are, make sure to link up a post about your week at the 30 Day Giving Challenge site. If you're not, I'd love to hear a way that you were able to give this week!! Let me know in the comments!!

Have a great Monday!!

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