Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creative Ministries...

Each year, our church hosts a Creative Ministries weekend. Teens from our church as well as other churches in the area come together for a weekend of music and drama. We practice ALL day on Saturday, and the perform the program Sunday morning at our church. We then drive an hour and 1/2 to another church to share Sunday evening.
I have been in charge of choosing and directing the music the last couple of years. While I know it'll be a LONG and exhausting weekend, I am always amazed at how the teens pull it off. Hearing 20 teens sing "Revelation Song" is extremely moving!

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Sorry about the quality - just had time to snap a few on my iPod!
Me leading the choir
**Note: This is when we were practicing, hence the people talking and making funny faces!! :)

I was so blessed to have my sweet friend, Joy as my pianist. Last year I was the director AND accompanist - talk about overload! 

The program was called, Everything to Me. The teens did a great job with their lines! 

More drama....

My wonderful husband (far right) helped with the music as well by playing his guitar and even jumping into a guy's trio!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! God is good!!
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