Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm so blessed....

I hope all of you mommies had an amazing day yesterday! I sure did! Adam surprised my with flowers on FRIDAY before we left for our weekend conference!!  Then I received some of the sweetest cards ever on Sunday morning along with some YUMMY Russell Stover Truffles!! Yum!!

My poor little guy was sick with a fever, runny nose, etc. so we stayed home from church and cuddled all morning! Those kind of days won't last very much longer as he gets older and older, so I cherished that sweet time!

I am SO incredibly blessed to have not only a wonderful and loving husband (who made an amazing Sunday dinner for me!), but also a sweet little boy who said, "Happy Muffers Day!!" all day! :) I love my job!!

How was YOUR Mother's Day?
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