Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thanks, boys!

I've had a fairly uneventful pregnancy which I'm incredibly thankful for. As I near the end, though, I've been thinking about how wonderful both of my guys have been during the last 9 months. They've blessed me by:
*Doing dishes while I put my feet up
*Giving me random hugs and kisses
*Making runs to Walmart for sudden cravings (ie. a 6 in. Subway Tuna sandwich, CHOCOLATE, apples)
*Putting up with all sorts of emotions and hormones
*Waiting with me at the doctor at each of my appointments
*Bending over to tie my shoe and pick up the myriad of things I seem to drop throughout the day!

Honestly, as I wrote this list I started to think of more and more ways that these two guys have been simply WONDERFUL, but you get the point!
The great thing is I know that their sweetness isn't going to end in 2 weeks! They'll both continue to be an amazing help in a million ways.

Thank you, boys! I love you both SO much!

This isn't the best quality picture of my guys, but I just LOVE it! :) 
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