Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Relax,Refresh, and Revive (Part 1)....

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Relax....many of us can't quite remember how to pull that off. We run from one thing to another trying to "get it all done". Relaxing brings up images of remote beaches or quiet spas. Who really has time for that? 
That's why I love Psalm 116:7, 
"Return to your rest, O my soul, for the LORD has dealt bountifully with you."

It's a great reminder that all the pedicures in the world can't bring true refreshment. Our soul has to be revived on a regular basis.
So, how do we "return to our rest". I'm excited to share the next three posts outlining the simple ways that I've been learning to do just that. 

1. Find your refuge in God

Have you ever seen the amazing photo of the lighthouse being overcome by a massive wave? In the doorway stands a man. In comparison to the lighthouse and tidal wave, he looks like a tiny insect. He can stand there in confidence that the tower behind him totally protects him from the crashing water around him. 
In the same way, God is our strong tower. When the storms of life threaten us, we can find refuge in Him. Casting all of our cares and fears on Him is the first step in refreshing our soul. 
It's so important to "pray without ceasing" which doesn't mean that we walk around with our hands folded and our eyes closed. Instead, when trials and rough moments arise throughout the day, our first inclination should be to run to Him. Much of our stress and exhaustion comes from trying to do it all ourselves. We need our Rock!

What are some areas that you find fear takes a foothold in your life and mothering? How can you run to God as your refuge in those areas? 

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