Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mentors and a new prayer

A couple weeks ago, Dayspring's Incourage Blog hosted their second annual inRL conference. Although, I wasn't able to attend or coordinate a group myself, I did enjoy watching the free videos online.
The whole event was about being willing to work to keep community alive! It's not always an easy task to stay in a friendship, but it's SO important.
One of the other features was about finding and being a mentor. Have you ever had a mentor? I haven't. I've definitely talked about wanting one and I've tried to be one in some friendships. The conversation at the conference definitely got me thinking again about mentorship. The accountability and experience from someone even 10 years older than me can be invaluable. It requires that I take the time to be open an vulnerable to another sister in Christ - kinda scary!!
I've decided to begin praying fervently and specifically for a mentor in my life. I honestly have no idea who that would be. Maybe I know her already - maybe I don't. All I know is that I desire someone to preach the gospel into my life through all it's ups and downs. Without the gospel it's impossible to truly sharpen one another!
What are your insights on mentors? I'd love for you to share!
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