Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Impromptu Summer Blogging Break.....

I wasn't initially planning to take a break from blogging this summer because I've been having so much fun sharing our bucket list and some lessons I've been learning.

I noticed this week though, that this online space was starting to creep higher and higher on my priority list again. Even when I write my posts ahead of time, it still means checking for any comments that need to be moderated, tweeting the link, etc...
We have a super busy scheduled in the next couple weeks so I figured it would be a perfect time to take a little break.

After all I'm in charge of this blog, it's not in charge of me! 

I have a short series scheduled to re-post through the end of July and then I'll be back with another summer update during the first full week in August!! You may even see a picture or two of my most recent fitness challenge (WITH my good sport hubby).

I won't completely be offline though, so I'd still love to connect!! I'll be popping in on:

In the meantime, how are YOU doing?? I'd love to hear how your summer has been so far!

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