Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Update - 4th of July edition.....

Welcome to the second update of this summer. We're slowly chipping away at our Summer Bucket List and having a great time while we're doing it!

We took a little family trip to an area of the country we haven't explored much. The kiddos had a great time swimming in hotel pools and they absolutely loved their first visit to the zoo!

I love how the real rhino is in the background of this picture!! 
 On our way home, we stopped by the Creation Museum (a ministry of Answers in Genesis). I can't believe I only took one blurry picture of the boys!! They loved the dinosaurs and I was overwhelmed with the awesomeness of our Creator once again!
We'd definitely like to head back there once they finish a huge replica of the Ark!!!

At the museum, my big guy picked out a new a new dinosaur floor puzzle. I was so proud of him for doing the whole thing all by himself!! 

For breakfast on the Fourth, we tried our hands at painted bread. Super easy and fun! 

It was SUPER hot that day. We slathered on the sunscreen before sitting outside for our town's parade. It actually passes right in front of our house, so we can just walk out the front door for all the fun! 

 One of the firetrucks in the parade turned on his water for the kids to run through. SO refreshing, although my little guy is now afraid of fire trucks!

We had about 15 friends and all their kiddos over to the house for hamburgers and hotdogs. Again, I totally forgot to take a picture!! It must have been the heat! A few stayed to watch fireworks with us which again are right out our front door. We set up our lawn chairs on the front porch and enjoyed the show!

We still have a bunch planned for the rest of this month and into August before school starts! 
How's YOUR summer been? Did you have a great 4th of July?
Share in the comments!! 
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patty a romack said...

What a fun post! Looks like you're enjoying your summer & your boys are adorable! We've been wanting to get to the creation museum, it's on our field trip list for the upcoming school year. Our summer is going well...thoroughly enjoying the lazier days and the fun in the sun,and wishing it would go a bit slower! Have always enjoyed your posts! God bless!

Rachel Erin said...

Yes! You definitely need to go! Alot of the creation/evolution stuff went over my boys head, but they loved the Bible scenes and dinosaurs! :) It was really fun! Lazy days are the best part of summer!! Enjoy! :)