Friday, August 9, 2013

Final Summer Update......

Summer Update time again!!! This will be my last update before we head into our very first Back-to-school season! Yikes!!
One of our favorite highlights from the last couple weeks was when we surprised the boys with a little impromptu meet-up with Aunt Sarah!

After lunch, we all headed to the bowling alley with our Kid's Bowl Free coupons. 
We've actually never been bowling as a family before and they had a super fun time! The bumpers were a definite plus!! 

 Our little meatball enjoyed the fun too!! 

 Those tiny bowling shoes!!! 

Unfortunately the shoes with my capris didn't do much for my cuteness!!! 

Then, we tried our hand at blueberry picking. Another first for us! It was a little slim picking, but if we had waited a few more days it would have been perfect timing. 

 Both of my guys loved it! It was easy for them to reach the blueberries and fill their bowls!! 

In between, summer fun, I've been staying busy with my secretary job at church. We're definitely keeping the Post Office in business! 

The boys we super excited to have their Florida cousins visit for a few days! We headed to Knoebel's, a family amusement park a couple hours away. The kiddos had such a great time on the rides! I love seeing them spend time together! 

 The meatball got in a ride or two himself!

We stopped at Cracker Barrell on the way home. We had to snap a picture of the brothers (#1 and #2 out of 6 brothers total!)

 My amazing sister-in-law and I (obviously a little windblown)!

Last, but not least was one more big promise on the summer bucket list - a living room campout! 
The best part was sleeping in 'till 10am the next morning - never happens!! 

There are still a couple weeks left in our summer including my 30th birthday (more details to come on a fun celebration here!!). I'm sure will find plenty more family fun to occupy our time until September!! 
What are your plans for the final weeks of Summer?? I'd love for you to share in the comments! 

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