Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014.....

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I didn't originally plan a post for today, but I felt like I should pop in to say "Happy New Year!"
I hope you had an amazing time during the Christmas holidays! We were able to make some special memories as a family. I'm blaming my pregnancy brain fog for the fact that I barely took any pictures!

My little shepherd did a great job with his first performance ever! 

We braved the cold and snow for our annual trip to Candy Cane Lane - a street where all the houses put up amazing lights! 
Our selfie attempt! 
I'm looking forward to getting back to the routine that comes with a new year. I'm so thankful for some changes with my job which will allow me a little more time on the home front this year.

My big plans for the next few months include brainstorming a new blog series and starting the potty training journey with my little buddy! Exciting, huh?? :) 

It's always a little scary heading into the unknown of a New Year. Only God knows what trials and triumphs we'll encounter. I pray that whatever 2014 brings, it'll drive us back to the finished work of Christ on the cross for us. In the inevitable ups and downs of the next 12 months, our identity stays secure in Him alone!! 

That thought can truly give us a "Happy New Year!!"

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