Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blogging sentimentality....

When I started blogging over five and a half years ago, it was as an answer to prayer. I was lonely in a new town and in search of something special and meaningful to fill the empty naptime hours at home.
God brought so many blogging friends into my life during that first year!

We shared pictures of our families, special songs, funny stories, and thoughts from Scripture.

We shared life. 

More and more of us started attending conferences on blogging and social media. It was so fun to meet our on-screen friends face-to-face and strengthen those cross-country bonds.

At the same time, we started hearing that we needed to be creating a brand with our blog. We could be making money with this hobby of ours and the blogosphere began to change.

Some of my favorite blogs were now filled with ads and affiliate links. We were a failure as a blogger if we couldn't get a sponsorship for next year's big conference. Instead of posts about our struggle to get dressed in the morning, we wrote reviews and made sure to include pinnable pictures.

Please, don't get me wrong. I love the fact that moms can help their families financially through their websites. I have pinned more amazing ideas from fellow bloggers than I can count.

But, I think this whole blogging thing has gotten a little off track. We've lost the art of reading another blog simply because we're interested in who they are as a person. We've felt insignificant as we write our own posts because we're not currently authoring a book or just returning from a speaking engagement.
I can connect so much more with a fellow blogger's recent potty training adventures than another E-book bundle I can't live without!

I hardly ever write posts like this, but I genuinely miss the good old days. I miss sharing prayer requests, common struggles, and mothering questions. I miss commenting on a blog knowing that I will get a reply. I miss the friendships and bonds that came from this unique means of communication.

I hope this post doesn't sound bitter, because I'm not. I know this blog (or even this post) will never have millions of reads and shares. I have never struggled with the overflowing email inboxes that other bloggers complain about. With all the other responsibilities in my life right now, I know that God is protecting me from having a gigantic blog.

I may not get a book writing deal with my devotional thoughts, but I'll keep sharing what God is teaching me about Jesus and the gospel.
Note: I can guarantee you won't find any original recipe or DIY projects worth pinning here!!

I do plan on continuing to share the exciting, difficult, and mundane things of my little life. I will keep writing about the ways the gospel is becoming more and more real to me. I will keep searching for online buddies who want to share this journey with me.

As long as God gives me words to type, I'll keep on doing this crazy thing called blogging!

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patty a romack said...

Rachel, thank you for your openness in this post! I totally agree with everything you said! I sometimes find myself wishing my little blog was bigger and more exciting, but like you, I want to be real and blog from the heart, even if it means having a smaller blog with little traffic. I've always enjoyed your blog, and appreciate how real you are!

RachelErin said...

Thanks, sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...

I second that!! My blog post vary and sometimes I don't blog at all because I wonder sometimes what the point is... but you remind me here and He always reminds me to be just that --> me sharing my journey with Him as I go! God is the only one I need to please, thanks for reminding me!!