Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Feedback (finally!)....

It's been forever since I've had a Friday Feedback post! If you're new here, I ask a question that you, my readers, can answer. I love the friends I've met here and I look forward to getting your opinions and advice on a variety of topics. Since the main purpose of my blog is to acknowledge God's working in every area of our lives every day, here is today's Friday Feedback:

In what way(s) have you seen God's blessing in your life in the last week?

Your answer could be super simple or a huge answer to prayer. The point is to share and acknowledge how an Almighty God cares about every aspect of our lives! I'm excited to hear your answers!
You can share in the comments or on our Facebook page HERE.

My answer: I've been extremely blessed by our church family this week. As we're getting closer and closer to our baby girl's arrival, I've had so many people offer to help me with everything from watching the boys to vacuuming my house once she arrives. With any family help super far away, I'm so thankful for God's provision through our adopted PA family here!

Your turn!
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